Meet the RISHA 2014 SLP of the Year

Ellen Moore was selected as RISHA's 2014 SLP of the year.  Ellen currently works in the Warwick School Department. She was nominated by Joanne Sturgeon a former URI student intern.  Ellen was a dental hygenist for 21 years when she decided to go back to obtain her Master's Degree in Speech/Language Pathology.  She was admitted to the URI CMD program in 1994 and received her BS in 1996 and was admitted into the graduate program in CMD at URI.  Ellen was introduced to RISHA when she was the president of URI's NSSLHA chapter.  Ellen was one of the first recipients of the Patricia Stephens Scholarship from RISHA.  After graduating from URI in 1998 Ellen worked as a substitute SLP in the Hope School District and in the Warwick School Department.  Ellen was hired in Warwick in 1999 and has worked there for the past 15 years.  Ellen has been blessed to work at the same school for her entire career.  The teachers and staff at Oakland Beach Elementary School have been very supportive of Ellen's efforts to address the communication needs of the students at the school.  Ellen feels extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with 16 other speech/language pathologists in Warwick that have been an inspiration to her.  The guidance she has received from her colleagues has made her a better SLP.

Ellen has enjoyed being involved in RISHA from the beginning of her career.  She has held the office of Recording Secretary, served as the Membership Chairperson and most recently the ASHA SEAL (State Education Advocacy Leader).  Ellen would like to thank RISHA for honoring her with this prestigious award.  Ellen will be stepping down as the ASHA SEAL as soon as a replacement can be found.  If you are interested in keeping RISHA informed about state education issues, please contact RISHA Office Manager Dora Arsenault at Ellen Connery at