Meet the RISHA 2015 SLP of the Year

Congratulations to Mary Boyle, the 2014-2015 Rhode Island’s SLP of the year!

The Director of Student Services in Narragansett praised Mary by stating , “Mary continues to support students, families, and colleagues through the Narragansett School District and beyond. Mary has taken the district initiative of Digital Literacy and has expanded this into her practice as a tool to support student’s generalization of skills…. Mary’s kind yet data driven approach allows for parents to see the true level of expertise she holds…. Mary has a true belief that all students can learn and as an IEP member advocates for the best interest of her students."

Another colleague wrote, “she is knowledgeable in many areas of our discipline including but not limited to working with students with autism, hearing impairments, cognitive and social communication impairments."

And yet another fellow SLP stated, "Mary is the type of person that everyone wants on their team. She is upbeat, positive, and always willing to consult her colleagues in Narragansett o therapy techniques and evaluation tools. Her depth and breadth of experience is a tremendous asset to our school system."