This is a list of speech/language pathologists and/or audiologists who are members of the RI Speech-Language-Hearing Association (RISHA). We are providing this list online to assist you with information regarding licensed speech/language pathologists or audiologists currently practicing in Rhode Island. When using this list, please note the following:

  • Inclusion on this list does not mean that the healthcare professional is recommended by the RISHA organization.  This is simply a list of RISHA professional members who requested inclusion in this list of individuals who provide private therapy services. RISHA does not recommend specific professionals.
  • RISHA offers categories of professional membership. The member must be a professional to be included in this list and must complete an application to be included here.
  • RISHA cannot attest to the credentials of its members. Members who request inclusion attest that the information they provide is accurate. You may check on licensure information at: